I get a “Upload not allowed” message and upload stops (ftp)

If you get an “upload not allowed” message from your ftp client and upload stops just change the client.
I used leech ftp but after 50-60 files the upload stopped. I had to freeze the upload for 1-2 minutes and then to continue. I changed leech ftp for filezilla and everything is ok now.

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  1. hi...I have installed Leech FTP 3rd party tool in windows machine...if i stop firewall/iptables in rhel-5 (Squid server) then its working fine but if i start firewall its blocking the leechftp tool
    how to make work this with firewall I have enabled port in iptables and tried
    and i have on/off passive option in squid
    till not working...Please mail to cc.sandeep1@gmail.com