Flipboard for PC (Windows)

There is a clever way to use Flipboard, an amazing IOS and Android news application with your PC (Using Windows)


All you need to do is download Bluestacks. A windows software that allows you to run mobile applications with your pc.

I tested bluestacks and after i synchronized my laptop with my mobile phone (a very easy job that lasts only for a few minutes) i managed to use Flipboard (with all my customization and feeds) to my laptop.

I was looking for months for something like this which is a superb solution until Flipboard decides to create a native PC version.


  1. Hi I just try it...really amazing.
    I can use Flipboard now on my computer. Really cool !

  2. Fabulous. We believe strongly in web apps, minimally they deserve to stand next to native apps. Webapps offer benefits in automatic updating, are typically lighter in footprint and require no app-store intervention. A lot of goodness for publishers! Full disclosure : we believe so strong in this that we created a platform to build your own web apps for magazines and such! @Readz